Planning a Public Relations Campaign

He who fails to plan is planning to fail‘ – Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965).

It’s critical to have a clear plan of the steps ahead in developing a successful Public Relations campaign (Turney 2011). One must be able to define the objectives, set goals, target publics, follow a timeline and execute a specific action plan successfully (Shemon 2015). Successful business man John Marston’s RACE formula is one of the most used to plan a Public Relations campaign (Musgrave 1976). Alyn and Bacon’s diagram (2009) displays Marston’s RACE formula.


(Alyn and Bacon 2009)

Research is the most critical part of planning a PR Campaign (Turney 2011). To begin planning a campaign discover exactly what achievements are required from a campaign and the possible implications and set backs that could occur (Melichar 2015).

To set goals one must analyse issues, develop strategies and effective tactics to meet the goals and overcome objectives.  To ensure these goals are met create a timeline that displays all the expectations required throughout the campaign (Wilcox etal 2013). Develop the target audience by clearly defining whom a campaign is designed to approach.

A successful campaign needs to be executed with communication tools that follow a plan specifically aimed at publics (Bowen, Rawlins, Martin 2015). Research  requires one to determine the best possible course of action to implement.

Targeting a certain public through particular communications media involves relevant Communication (Bowen, Rawlins, Martin 2015). The best possible way to execute a plan in the media (Turney 2011). Reflecting on the previous steps helps determine what could have been done better. (WordStorm, 2014).


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