KCQ’s (step two)

Key concepts and Questions (step two)


Reading my firms annual reports was a difficult challenge to prevail from. I have never previously read a financial report, in fact I had never read a report 112 pages long before. My firms report had a large amount of company information and company values in their spreadsheet. One of the most interesting parts for me in the report was the Chairman and CEO report. This particular section was very interesting because it contained graphs of the ‘Year at a Glance’ and highlighted the most important areas of business for the company. Design-Build-Operate Strategy, Sales Focus and Delivery Excellence, Industry Alignment, Board of Directors and People Strategy were the important and most main areas of the business process to me.

“ Dear Shareholders, we are pleased to announce that during the
financial year ended 30 June 2015, SMS Management & Technology (“SMS”) delivered strong revenue
and profit growth. Revenue is at a record high of $356 million, whilst Net Profit after Tax (“NPAT”)
of $17 million is 34% up on the prior year.” Said JACQUELINE KORHONEN the CEO of SMS Tech and Management

Areas of business $$
Revenue from operating activities $356.2m
EBITDA $28.7m
NPAT $1.7m
Basic earnings per share 24.5 cents
Dividends per share 17 cents
Net cash balance $9.2m
 - 2015 Annual report



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