Draft for assignment

My assignment draft is ready for some peer reviews! Please open these documents and send me some feedback. Thankyou.




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  1. Here is my feedback 🙂

    Feedback to: Katie Andrews
    Feedback from: Jana Dillon Comments
    Step 1
    Introductory words in description box, photo and description link to blog Great introduction to blog and yourself, very bold and easy to read and get an introduction to yourself and your company.
    Step 2
    Background information on company, comments/KCQs, comments on other blogs Great background to SMS Management and Technology – great use of videos and pictures. Have a great understanding of your financial reports and what they mean to your company.
    Step 3
    Input company’s financial statements Seems correct, unsure as to why you have the Column1 etc. in your balance sheets, but data otherwise looks fine.
    Step 4
    KCQ’s – week 1 and 3 readings Interesting KCGs for the chapters you read, an interesting way to put it. However being in paragraph form it is a bit lengthy to ‘skim over’ to get your basic understandings and questions for the content.
    Overall Ass#1 It is definitely noticed the amount of effort you have put in! Well done!


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