What makes a good public speaker?

Effective Public Speaking skills are extremely beneficial in the business industry. Public speaking skills help one communicate inside and outside of organizations effectively (Mind tools n.d). Audra Bianca from Demand Media explains this further click here to read more (Bianca n.d.). Public speaking is part of several business industries, in particular lecturers; representatives of organizations and successful business people require good public speaking skills in their job task (Mowbray et al 2015).

An effective public speaker is able to do one of several things; the first is understand their audience, they must be able to relate to the audience so that the audience is actually engaged (Ricci 2012: Phillip C etal 2015). Secondly they must be prepared, part of public speaking involves presentations; being prepared is important because it reflects knowledge, also be prepared by researching public’s and developing overall goals and interactions with ones public’s. Thirdly one must be engaging, interact with ones audience, ask questions, encourage thinking, and use hand gestures (Patil 2005). Fourthly,  use good vocabulary, sentence structure and possibly use video aids to assist. Lastly good body language, this is an important because body language reflects attitude,  attitude towards ones audience is what speaks to them the most through public speaking. A ‘good public speaker’ essentially has good communication skills. (Morgan 2011: Baccarani et al 2015).

Watch Mohammed Qahtani the 2015 world champion of public speaking engage and capture his audience with his winning speech “The Power of Words”.

In short, being a good public speaker can enhance ones reputation, boost self-confidence, and open up countless opportunities (Mind tools n.d). Because of this it is important to build public speaking skills as a business professional to excel in business.

Click here to visit Patel’s journal article on oral presentation skills for more information.



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