Technology has impacted communication

Communication occurs all the time; we are always communicating. Sometimes we even unintendedly or unconsciously communicate (Counselling skills 2016). Several elements are consisting of communication that you need to analyse to find the real impact of technology on communication (Phillip et. al 2015). The table below shows the elements of communication by David Berlo. Many years ago communication usually occurred face to face of by letter, it’s crazy to think that the primary form of communication consists on the Internet.

Technology and social media keep evolving however with this modern social communication diminishes (Drago 2015). Communication is the key to all relationships (Phillip et. al 2015). However, technology doesn’t improve all kinds of relationships no matter how close you connect with the whole world, Priestley’s paradox is a perfect demonstration of this concept (Phillip 2015). Technology doesn’t enhance communication, but it does have a positive effective on sections of business like public relations, marketing, accounting and other areas of business, where their primary objective is to communicate with the audience (Phillip 2015). Business uses technology to sell their products, often using social media forums to advertise and brand their products (Drago 2015). This video shows you the positives of technology for businesses.

The video below shows the evolution of technology.


Technology has influenced me to communicate mainly through the internet, I no longer stay back after class to ask questions, or ask questions throughout because all the information I need is online, I email the lecturer, text my class mates there really is no need for any physical social interaction with the people around me. The same situation is involved with keeping up with friends, a simple instant message rather than an arranged catch up is the new way of socialising.

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