Soft skills

What are ‘soft skills’? Why are they important in business? (p. 21)

‘Soft skills will get little respect, but will make or break your career’ Peggy Klaus 2014.

Another word for ‘soft skills’ are ‘people skills’, personal traits describe them in relation to high emotional intelligence (Rouse 2015: 2016). ‘Emotional intelligence’ is the ability to recognise and manage your own and others’ emotions and are skills that characterise your relationships with other people, and how you approach work and life (LiveCareer 2016).


(Empire education n.d.)

Anna Mar is a Chief Architect with 18 or more years experience in the financial industry (2013). Mar addresses a list of 87 soft skills click here to see some examples.

After reading through Mar’s examples, it maintains that soft skills do not just help you to get one job, but will assist you in the applications of several jobs(Dabke 2015). Because ‘soft skills’ are general skills that are used in the workplace like feedback accepting, working in groups, and time management ( 2016).

Watch Dr. James Heckman accurately describe the importance of soft skills in the video below:


It is important to have soft skills in the business industry because unlike technical and hard skills soft skills can’t be taught in a class or a training program (McKay 2016). This is because they are combinations of who we are, incorporating our attitudes, behaviours and how we interrelate with other people (McKay 2016).


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