Week One Activities

1. Practical: Register your blog
a) My Blog was already set up from previous courses; I aim to achieve a sound understanding of Media written to do this course
b) Introduction under the heading ‘Who am I?’ on my blog
“Hello, everyone!
My name is Kaitlin Andrews, but please call me Katie.
I’m a first-year student currently studying a Double Bachelor of Business and Professional Communication at Central Queensland University Rockhampton. I am a bright eyed girl from the small coastal town of Yeppoon; whose primary goal in life is to prevail from all of my eager peers, excel and develop in the business industry.”

2. Inquiry: Different Purpose/Different Writing: bReview and compare

the way the same story is presented in various ways
a) Both stories are about Billy Slater becoming an ambassador for the racing industry.
B) The difference between these two stories are that the Queensland government wrote one as an official media release, and the gold coast bulletin wrote the other.  One has pictures and the other doesn’t. There doesn’t seem to be any follow-ups, and I’m not particularly interested in this because I do not follow football or racing.
3. Quiz.
I went well on my quiz, I found it easy because I didn’t have to study for it.
All questions were easy and i got it first try. Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.05.50 pm.png

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