Week Three reflections


a) Two possible events that I could attend are 1. The local small business expo or 2. Christmas in July Dinner.

b) The small business expo is this Saturday in Rockhampton between 9 am to 3 pm; I decided to cover this event because I am interested in Business, and it is a yearly event within I time frame that I can attend. This event was chosen over the Christmas charity dinner because the charity dinner was at night time and I could not attend.

c) I do not need to be accredited to this event because it was public and free to attend. I also plan to ask the stall owners for their permission and time. Because it is an Expo, the booth people and entrepreneurs are there to answer questions.

d) The main parts of this event are the local music artists playing, and the bar. Other than that this event is pretty small and doesn’t have an event schedule/program.

e) I will interview people at the stands approximately 5 and ask them why they decided to attend, I will also ask if I can photograph them.

g) Plan or else you will miss something important, be more prepared means you will be more efficient. You know where to be at the right time; you won’t miss a story, and don’t take ‘no’ personally. Ask for accreditation; Time flies, find the schedule and have a plan. Research facts/ logistics and people. Capture the moment and be prepared to adapt.

h) This story might interest people because members of small communities like Rockhampton like to hear the news that concerns them or people they know. Small business often builds into bigger ones in the future and being a part of this process is a great deal to local members. Rockhampton people would love to hear a story about the little people.


  1. Youth Detention workers in Queensland had reported violence on numerous occasions in the institute, but their claims were covered up, and the workers were fired.
  2. Former workers within Queensland’s youth detention centres are claiming to have been sacked for speaking out about violence inside the institutions.
  3. Who?- Graham Pattel, Jeff Ingram, Queensland. Where?- Cleveland Youth Detention Centre Queensland. When? Over several years and the last two. What? Child violence reports were covered up.Why? The system failed the kids. How? By not reporting or following up the issue.
  1. I found this story interesting because its something you don’t see in the media very often, I can presume this is because they are constantly covering up, and it was only unveiled because of the four corners report
  2. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-07-27/youth-detention-workers-claim-violence-covered-up-in-queensland/7663580Quiz.
    I found this quiz quite difficult after numerous attempts i was able to do it.
    This weeks quize i found sentence structure hard, other than that i was happy with the quiz questionsScreen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.05.50 pm.png


  1. I really enjoyed this blog. It gave me insight to how other people structure their blogs and the way they format their information. The topics you talked about were really helpful in that I have better understanding on how I can prepare for the next assessment.


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