Week Five Activities

1. Practical: Establish a Storify account. Do not use CQU or Media Writing in the title – this is your account, not ours. Once you have done this, ‘browse’ some Storify
accounts of interest. Write a short reflection of your set -up experience and some of the accounts you review.
Setting up a Storify account was easy but creating a story is hard for me to do because I have never used it. I didn’t even know how many media places used Storify.
Accounts I Browsed on Storify.
This one was fascinating and followed The Rio Olympics and Australia’s progress.
The ABC had lots of fascinating stories to follow. I enjoyed reading them.

2.Inquiry: Write a short review of this network (for example, what it is, who uses it) and

include comment on how you might use it personally and professionally.Post this review on your blog.
Pinterest is a network site all about discovering new interests; it does this by using and matching keywords to the most relevant posts. People who use it can be very broad, but it’s mostly for individuals who are interested in creating things whether they be food to pieces of artwork. It’s got a wide range of interestest to explore. I would use Pinterest to search up DIY projects because I have a flair for crafts, Pinterest has a broad spectrum of ideas shared by other people. A way to use Pinterest professionally could be to sell products or expand knowledge of a brand I could create for crafts.
3. Technical: I completed this quiz with a few attempts I found it difficult to do a few questions, but I eventually answered them all correctly. I did not have any problems with this area.

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