Week four reflections

1. Practical: Interview two people and write their speech as a news report.

Lisa Andrews (Mum) & Scott Andrews (Dad)

What is the most important thing to you? And why?

Mum: Family.Because family is very important and you are my only daughter and only child so you are very special to us.

Dad: You and your mother. Because Family matters more than materialistic things.

2. Write a short news story (posted to your blog) based on these interviews (no more than 500 words).

Today my parents agreed that I am the most important thing to them.

Dad, Scott Andrews said that I am the most important thing to them because I am ‘the only child they will ever have’.

My mother, Lisa Andrews said she had me when she was young. “Around the age, you are now,” She said.

I am eighteen.

“You have always been what I have built my life around,” she said.

“Everything your mother and I did was for you,” Scott said.

3. Then take a photo of each of your interviewees and post a photo of each to Twitter with a one sentence grab from the interview

4. Write a few sentences about how you went about this activity and how you felt it assisted (or otherwise) your learning.

I think this activity assisted in my learning because it helped me relate the writing to real life and gain interview skills (even if I am just interviewing my parents). I went about this activity by sitting my parents together and asking them whats the most important thing to them and why. I was very surprised at the responses and flattered because it was me.

This Quiz was easy after an attempt. I enjoyed answering these questions as they challenged by thinkingScreen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.05.50 pm.png



  1. Hi Katie,
    I came across your blog address in Storify and found the list of students to follow. I have had a look at your interview above and have found the following errors.

    I noticed that there is no space left after many of your fullstops. You have also used the little i throughout your interview that will need to be replaced with I. I also have a bad habit of doing this myself too.

    I hope you get time to read this comment so that you can amend before submitting assessment 1.

    Please feel free to check out my blog and do the same as I am sure that I can improve as I too would have mistakes that I have not yet picked up on.

    Kim Vuga


  2. Touching quotes. Family should always be most important. My only comment I have about this blog is that maybe you could have expanded your answers and add a little narrative. Other than that, I really enjoyed this one.


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