Week Six Activities

Practical A:
Link to Storify

This was an easy activity to do, and I enjoyed playing around with Storify more and discovering how easy it is to make a story.

Practical B: Who will be the audience? What might they learn about the event?
The audience for my event story will be the Rockhampton’s citizens; this is because it concerns directly with their community so they can learn about the small business’ in and around Central Queensland
What needs to be included that will make the story interesting or have more impact?
To have more impact, the story needs some evidence and pictures to back it up and facts. Quotes from local business’ on why they decided to attend can also interest other small business people to attend next year.
How will I structure the story? Thinking about these issues will prepare you to write
I will structure the story like a media writing the piece because that’s what I’m supposed to do, so I will use the 5 Ws and prioritise my writing in order of importance like learned in tutorials.


Im good at spelling so i liked this quiz. I passed reletively well and did not struggle to understand it.Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.05.50 pm.png


  1. Hi Katie,

    I enjoyed reading your Storify article :).

    I have a few items of feedback on your above post that I hope you will find helpful:

    1) I believe the word ‘the’ between ‘be’ and ‘Rockhampton’ is redundant. If you changed the sentence to read ‘will be Rockhampton’s citizens’, this will read better.

    2) I believe that restructuring the second part of the above sentence will help it read better – ‘concerns directly with’ could be reworded to ‘directly concerns’.

    3) In your quiz reflection, relatively has been spelled ‘reletively’ which isn’t the correct spelling.

    Keep up the good work :).


  2. Hey Katie, this is a really good, well-written blog. I picked up on a few little things though. “the Rockhampton’s citizens;” doesn’t really make sense I think you need to get rid of the ‘the’ or the ‘s after Rockhampton. And don’t quote me on this but I think the semi-colon after citizens could be a full stop. There’s also a missing full stop after Central Queensland. Hope this helps!


  3. I admire the consistency in your blog structure. Not once have I become confused about what the information relates to nor has the layout become tiresome. You have not just presented your experiences and skills, but have also taught me a valuable lesson in structured writing.


  4. Hi Katie,

    I’m looking forward to reading your Story even though i don’t live in Rockhampton. Maybe just state the event you will be looking into in this post again so people don’t have to back track through your old posts to find it again? Accommodate for the most lazy of readers.

    I agree with you 100% on the quiz also i found this one quite enjoyable as it wasnt based on grammar for once.

    Best of luck with the submission,


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