Climate Change & Australia

Climate change according to Corcoran and Dickenson’s Dictionary of Australian Politics is a ‘significant change in the average weather pattern’. But Australian knows it’s certainly more than that which most of us have felt from the extreme weather changes that we experience (Barrie, 2016). Climate change affects the excellent agriculture that Australia prides itself on, some of these include, the Great Barrier Reef, the cattle industry and the rainforests.

Climate change is the effect of unrestrained contamination. Once carbon emissions caused by human action enter the air, they have dangerous implications for the atmosphere, the economy, and our wellbeing (Barrie, 2016). Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull sees the need for change concerning climate change and aims to tackle it. Read here for more info.


Leading scientists say that climate change will increase in frequency and intensity of weather events. Sea levels are at risk for coastal communities, also the oceans are rising in acidity which is too acidic to support organisms in the marine. The carbon trapped in the earth’s atmosphere caused from the pollution of mainly coal and oil production, heats up and alters the climate patterns of the earth (Dabner, 2016).

Politically climate change has been on the agenda for many prime ministers and lobby groups in Australia; this is because ‘we live in the land of droughts and flooding rains. And fires too.’ Mr Turnbull stated (Hunter & Lee, 2016). According to the liberal website, the Turnbull government aimed to

  • ‘play our part in the global challenge of climate change. Australia has signed the Paris Climate Change Agreement.
  • Beat our 2020 target by 78 million tonnes, and have set an ambitious target of reductions of up to 28% by 2030 based on 2005 levels. That is equivalent to reducing emissions per capita by up to 52%– the second largest reduction of any G20 economy.’


(“Protecting our environment,” 2016)


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