Week Seven Activities

Activity one:

Inquiry: Review Chapter 11 of your Media Writing text (Whitaker, Ramsey & Smith). Summarise the key points of this chapter, and answer the question: What are the key differences between writing for broadcast and print-based media?


  • Broadcast is less detailed, its condensed and there is not much time for the reporter.
  • Addresses, ages and other details are left out unless necessary to the story’s germane.
  • Must be written as you would speak, and simply.
  • Must be clarified.
  • Slang must be spared.


  • Print writing is more detailed and can develop greater stories.
  • Punctuation must be used correctly and grammar is important.

Activity two:

Practical: In Week 4, you interviewed someone and wrote a short article using their speech. Return to this interview, and write that news story as a very short broadcast audio-visual script. You can use a single or two-column format as per the examples provided in the Study Guide lesson. Read the story aloud and adjust if required to cater for speech/ear(ie. you may need to simplify it). Post your script to your blog.

Two parents agree their daughter is the most important thing to them. View image on Twitter
Lisa and Scott Andrews had their first and only child when they were only young. View image on Twitter
Every decision they ever made and did revolved around their daughter Kaitlin img_7605
They are proud parents.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Activity three:

Technical: Complete Quiz 7–Words

  1. Read Chapter 9of Hicks, English for Journalists (Punctuation) to prepare for this quiz.
  2. Complete the quiz so that you get 100% correct (you will be able to make numerous attempts).
  3. Reflect on this briefly on your blog –Did you find the questions difficult? Did you have any problems in specific areas?

I found these questions easy, they were fun to answer.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.05.50 pm


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