Week Ten Activities

1.Practical–Photo Essay:
a.Take a series of 10 photos that tell a collective story.These might be of an event, or illustrate.
b.Caption each photo so that the detail of the moment is captured,and that together, the photos represent a story to a reader/viewer.
c. Essentially, this is a photo- essay but it is entirely reliant on the captions to build and tell the story.
d. Pay attention to technical detail in your captions

The week started off with a date in the Rockhampton Botanical Gardens. Here Katie enjoys the shade on a hot day next to some beautiful flowers.


For breakfast Katie and her friend visited the War Memorial Walk in Emu Park. She enjoyed Eggs Benedict and a Dirty Chai at the Degani Cafe.


After Breakfast, Katie and her friend went for a beach walk in Emu Park, it took nearly an hour to reach a destination.


The destinations view was beautiful and peaceful.


The night was spent drinking with a small group of friends.


Katie spent the next morning at Stoney Creek, where her and her friends enjoyed a BBQ and a Beer.


Katie and her friends are typical Australians. They enjoy rum in the sun


The Saturday mid day reached 30 degrees so shade was a nessecity.


After Stoney Creek, the afternoon was spent climbing Kemp hill.


To finish her weekend, she enjoyed dinner at her favourite place in town.

2.Practical- Headline:
a. Return to your Week 8 press release submission. Come up with three alternative
headlines for the media release story (that is, the one you wrote), and write one sentence against each as to why it could be a possible headline option.
  1. Fight Breaks out at FakeCommicCon event Brisbane
  2. Safety Concerns for national event held in Brisbane
  3. Wolverines V Storm Troopers ends in bloody mess.
Technical: Complete Quiz 8– Figures
a.Read Chapter 11 of Hicks, English for Journalists (Punctuation) to prepare for this quiz.
b.Complete the quiz so that you get 100% correct (you will be able to make numerous attempts).
Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.05.50 pm
c. Reflect on this briefly on your blog– Did you find the
questions difficult? Did you have any problems in specific areas?
Completed with no difficulties

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