Week Eleven Activities

a. What are the problems with the article?
The article does not sound very good and is not structured very well.
b. Does it meet the guidelines for reporting self -harm?:http://www.mindframe-media.info/for -media/reporting-suicide
From what i read i would say yes it did.
c. Post your reflections on your blog.
Emergency services are worked to free a  30-year-old woman from under a train on Brisbane’s north side earlier today.
The woman reportedly had lower leg injuries and was contious when she was removed. She is however currently at the Royal Brisbane Hospital in a serious condition.
It is believed by police that the woman tried to take her own life.
  1. Read Chapter 9of Hicks, English for Journalists (Punctuation) to prepare for this quiz.
  2. Complete the quiz so that you get 100% correct (you will be able to make numerous attempts).
  3. Reflect on this briefly on your blog –Did you find the questions difficult? Did you have any problems in specific areas?

This was simple and easy to do Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.05.50 pm



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