Month: October 2016

Week Twelve Activities


What have you learned this term?
I learnt how to use storify and twitter to my advantage.
What did you find most beneficial about the
I found this course very practical especially in Assessment two
What was most challenging?
I found doing the readings the most challenging
Has the course changed the way you practice or think about media writing? How/why not?
It has changed the way i see journalism in some aspects. But I really enjoyed doing this course.
Write your response to feedback from Ass1
1.That is, what have you done to address areas you needed to work on to improve this submission? Post your response on your blog.
I have edited my posts and changed the grammar and added fullstops.
Reflect on
your experience with the quizzes this term. Which, of all the areas covered, did you find the most challenging, and which were the easiest? Do you think, overall, you are a better writer technically than you were when you started the course? If so, how? If not, why not? Record your responses on your blog.
I found all the quizzes easy because you were given multiple attempts, i think i am a better writer after it all. I’m not very good at writing i’m more of a audio/visual person.