ACCT11059-My Company

On The 11th of March I received the company SMS Management and Technology for my first assessment. For ASS#1 I must become familiar with the purpose and background of SMS and also study their most recent financial reports.

SMS Management and Technology

“Empowering business”

SMS Management and Technology was founded in 1986 and it is one of the leading consulting, technologies and managed services firms in the Asia Pacific (SMS Management & Technology 2016). SMS handles a wide range business and technology services that improve a wide business strategies, operations and finds solutions. According to the IBISWorld Company Premium Report SMS was ranked 936th out of the top 2000 best companies in Australia (IBISWorld 2016).

The following URL/ clip briefly addresses the functions, values and purposes of SMS.

SMS management and Technologies three core values on which they have developed and prided themselves on for over 25 year are to ‘add value, maintain unity and enhance reputation’ of their customers businesses (SMS Management & Technology 2016). SMS is partners with many well established companies, some of these are Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Pega and Telstra.

The following clip outlines why businesses choose SMS management and Technology to handle their business needs.